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    Updated December 30, 2021



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The appleJAC Macintosh User Group is a group of people who use the Apple Macintosh in their professional, as well as personal endeavors. Computers have become an integral part of our society and the knowledge of how to use them boosts your productivity. The Apple Macintosh represents to us, a user-friendly, intuitive computing platform that allows you to spend your time being creative without the steep learning curve of other platforms.

appleJAC is a non-profit organization supported by membership dues. We meet monthly, in Jefferson City, on the first Tuesday of each month. The $25 yearly membership fee entitles you a subscription to the appleJAC Digest, our monthly newsletter and a chance at a door prizes at our meetings.

The experience of the membership is at your disposal for those times when you get baffled with errors and how to do specific tasks. our background ranges from novice to expert and a willingness to help and share is what brings us together.

Whether you own a new G5 iMac, a candy-colored iMac or iBook, Graphite G4, MacBook Pro, or a brand new Mac Mini we have someone who can help you get more out of your machine.