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    March 14, 2009



    I just got a new MacPadd, and unfortunately, it isn't all I'd hoped.

    Basicly, it does not function as a suitable surface for precision mousing, at least, not with my Apple Mighty Mouse. I've tried cleaning the MacPadd, and cleaning the gliders on my mouse, but it seems as if there are portions of the mousepad's surface where the mouse is unable to track properly, and the pointer will jump around erratically (although as far as I can detect, there are no irregularities on the mousepad's surface that are causing this). This makes the MacPadd unacceptable to me as a mousepad.

    Additionally, I ordered a MacPadd "Pro" (9" by 9" pad), but instead received the 9" by 6" product, so there are some issues with the order fulfillment process as well.

    Ultimately, I cannot recommend this product, as much as I was hoping I'd love it.


    Worst customer service I have ever experienced on the web. Ordered the MacPadd nearly one month ago and still haven't received it. Eight emaila and 3 telephone messages later and I haven't had any response from the company about what's happen to my order... they did however already bill my charge card for the MacPadd. BEWRAE this company... no matter how good the product is, it's not worth the terrible communications.


    I also ordered and paid for the larger MacPadd Pro with it's higher shipping cost. After waiting an extremely long time I finally received the regular size MacPadd. After numerous calls and email, I have not received any answers. They are an extremely unprofessional
    Company and am beginning to think they are a scam outfit. I have seen similar complaints on other websites also.


    The same with me on the Macpadd situation. I have emailed them and tried to call. All to no avail. Originally there was an recorded answer on their phone. Now when I try to call, there is always a busy signal and the emails come back as undeliverable. Does anyone know if they are still in business? This problem has been going on since April with me.

    Kevin Boudreau

    I just purchased one and had no problems with ordering, from (Other World Computing)

    The corporate website claims the company is under new management. In the USA, MacPadd is only being sold by Other World Computing, a Mac focused business with over 20 years experience. These aluminum mouse pads are being sold by another authorized vendor in France.

    Pro model is no longer offered.

    MUG member from Connecticut

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