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    appleJAC meeting-"New Operating Systems:iOS 16+" October 4, 2022, at 7pm. This will be an In-person meeting at Kennedy Hall at the Immaculate Conception School; 1208 East McCarty St, Jefferson City, MO 65101. There will also be an online/streaming meeting you can watch on our Facebook page.

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    September 2022 appleJAC Presentations

    Joe  George  Tom

    The overall PDF of the September 6 meeting slideshow (including slides about the Keychain presentation) can be viewed again by clicking on aJ slideshow 09-06-22 (best if viewed in Preview so all imbedded Internet links work).

    The PDF slideshow of the first half of the meeting (reports, travel devices and Q&A) is available at; for the second half, click on (it may be necessary to click on the resulting image in order to hear the sound with picture).


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