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    October appleJAC meeting-"New Operating Systems" October 5, 2021, at 7pm. This will be an In-person meeting at Kennedy Hall at the Immaculate Conception School; 1208 E McCarty St, Jefferson City, MO 65101. There will also be an online/streaming meeting you can watch on our Facebook page.

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    OWC Envoy Pro SX: Rugged T3 Power

    Envoy slant

    a review by Tom Piper

    Solid state drives (SSDs) have made huge advancements in SSD and Thunderbolt technology over the past 40 years which have produced devices of super-fast speed, small size and very sturdy construction.

    OWC Envoy Pro SX is a USB4 and Thunderbolt 3-certified bus-powered small, storage solution. It has incredible speed up to 2847MB/s real-world performance. At 0.6” x 2.8” x 4.5” and 10.4 ounces in size, with a detachable 27” Thunderbolt 3 cable, this unit runs cool and soundless enclosed in a black aluminum case (IP67 rated) that provides great data protection. It is so rugged that my data is protected by military-level drop toughness, plus being dust and water-proof.

    As OWC states online, this new unit is: “Super-fast. Super-versatile. Super-portable. And rugged enough to endure the most perilous work and play settings.” This SSD handles all data storage and backup challenges with the following benefits:

    • Advanced OWC Aura Pro SSD storage technology with TRIM support works with Thunderbolt 3 Envoy backfront
    • Perfect for audio, video, photography, graphics, gaming, and general data storage and backup uses
    • Bus-powered and smaller than most compact smartphones
    • Fan-less, heat-dissipating aluminum housing 
    • Compatible with macOS and Windows built-in encryption
    • LED for at-a-glance confirmation of power and activity status
    • 3-Year OWC Limited Warranty

    I can now use my 240 gigabyte Envoy Pro SX as a super-fast data-transfer drive for my 16” MacBook Pro, plus a convenient volume for more storage, movies and a variety of other handy uses. I also use it with my 12.9” iPad Pro, and 15” Asus Chromebook. Most importantly, data transfer runs faster than any other storage device that I use.

    In real life use, a 5.52 GB folder of 16,369 files copied over in less than 3 minutes! Single files transfer even faster, such as a 1.31 GB movie that copied from my computer in only 4 seconds!!!

    Obviously, this device is meant to be used for situations where spinning hard drives would be slow and cumbersome. Whether its large video files being transferred in extreme conditions, music productions being frequently edited, frequent relay of data from one technology to another, or cloning backups for Apple’s latest M1 computers, the Envoy Pro SX is the best choice for raw speed, functionality, convenient-size and durability. This is an incredible tool to support my technology needs.

    To learn more about this enclosure, go to where it can be purchased for $179 - $479 (240GB - 2.0TB) with a 3-Year OWC Limited Warranty. This is a wonderful solution for storing and transmitting our precious data, video and power from a company with a long and dependable history of quality and effective digital products.


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